Water is cruelly lacking in tight skin; the upper layers of the skin become permeable, the skin is more fragile and therefore damaged as the epidermis does not carry out its role as a barrier.

The soft, creamy and velvety texture of this mask alone is an indication of what the result will be.

People with tight skin will love it: the healing white clay acts in synergy with the softening organic rose hydrol to compensate for all the tight skin's deficiencies.

The water is retained effectively in the skin.




Restorative Mask

  • On dry skin, preferably after the Instant Radiance Scrub, apply a thick layer of the product over the whole face and neck avoiding the area around the eyes.

    Leave for 5 to 10 min, then rinse with lukewarm water and dry the skin gently.

    For very dry skin, under the age of 40, apply 3 drops of Simplessence Hydratante before the mask; over the age of 40, apply 3 drops of Simplessence Anti-Age.