Used by Ayurvedic practitioners for centuries, Castor Oil is the world’s oldest and most valuable herbal remedy. Found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000BC, Castor is rich in naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that heal skin, hair and body. The ancient ritual of using Castor Oil as a holistic treatment has a deserved place in any modern medicine cabinet.


Our Organic Cold-Pressed Castor Oil starts its life in the rich soils of India. We have partnered with a family owned farm who share our passion for traditional methods, fair working conditions and environmentally friendly processes. From seed to bottle, our Castor Oil is free from any chemical intervention, hexane, GMO, cruelty or additives. Stored in small batches and poured at our own studio in London, nothing goes into our bottles that didn’t grow from the Earth.


For Hair, Brows and Lashes: The natural properties of Castor Oil work to improve the condition and growth of hair to achieve naturally fuller brows and longer lashes. Apply daily to see results within a month. Or, mix with a little of our Argan Oil to create a hair mask that nourishes hair and improves scalp health. Rich in ricinoleic acid, vitamin E and essential omegas - Castor Oil will thicken, strengthen and promote growth while leaving your hair feeling silky soft.


For Skin: The vitamin E, omega 6 and 9 and proteins in Castor Oil boost collagen production, reduce wrinkles and work to hydrate the skin. Mix with some Argan Oil (as Castor is naturally a little sticky) to rejuvenate and brighten while fighting discolouration and acne. Or for the body, massage the oil into the skin to soothe dryness, psoriasis and eczema. The ricinoleic acid works to reduce irritations and inflammation while the oil naturally rehydrates the skin without any chemical disturbance.


For Health: Sweep over the eyelids to instantly soothe dry and itchy eyes – a great natural alternative for suffers of dry-eye syndrome or hay fever. Or, make a castor pack to reduce inflammation and muscular pain – naturally analgesic and anti-inflammatory, the ricinoleic acid in Castor reaches deep beneath the skin to promote blood flow and healing.


Ingredients: Organic Castor Seed (Ricinus Communis) Oil from India.

  • 100ml Glass Bottle comes with 1 x 10ml empty mascara tube and 2 x pipette, OR, 3 x bamboo mascara wands for eyebrow and lash application.

  • 100% organic, raw & unrefined

  • Cold-pressed, non-GMO & hexane-free

  • Naturally rich in skin-nourishing fatty acids, vitamin E, omega-6, omega-9 & ricinoleic acid

  • Responsibly sourced from a traditional farm with fair working conditions

  • Vegan & cruelty free

Organic Castor: Heal & Grow Hair Oil