The Essence of Esteem n°6 is a moisturizing and revitalizing oil that invites you to take a little time just for you.

Its formula rich in high quality vegetal oils (organic cosmetic oils) wraps your body in a soft nourishing cocoon.

Its ambered fragrance is both relaxing and comforting.

  • Linseed oil, rich in omega-3, nourishes skins parched and weakened by the arrival of winter.
  • Hempseed oil soothes and softens the skin.
  • Sweet almond oil soothes and repairs the most sensitive skins.

Used after a shower or a bath, the Essence of Esteem n°6 promptly sinks in and doesn't leave any greasy feeling. It's a genuine body beauty care.

* Hydration of the upper parts of the skin



No.6 Oil

  • Spray over the body, then massage over the entire body with gentle movements.