This oil is particularly rich in active ingredients, including pink pepper extract which fights effectively against cellulite. It reduces the storage of fats in the adipocytes and promotes their elimination.

The grapefruit essential oil helps to eliminate the water in the tissue.

The "orange peel skin" effect (cellulite) is reduced, leaving the skin smoother and more supple.

The kigelia oil stimulates micro-circulation for firmer and more toned skin.

The borage and evening primrose oils, meanwhile, make the skin more beautiful and softer.



The full-body slimming booster oil accelerates the slimming effect of other body care products in the estime & sens slimming range, for an improved result.

Used alone on dry skin in the morning and evening, apply this slimming booster oil by massaging over the entire targeted area.

Alternatively, mix a few drops of this slimming booster body oil with the multi-area 24h slimming cream. This will optimize its slimming booster effect.

The plant oils will enhance the multi-area 24h slimming cream for an intensified result.

Or use alternately with the smoothing, anti-cellulite gel for an enhanced anti-orange peel skin effect.

For optimum results,  slimming products should ideally be used in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

No.2 Slimming Booster