This scrub is an essential ally for your skin thanks to the complementarity of its three types of grains, which exfoliate, cleanse, and polish the skin to refine its texture.

Its skincare action is provided by organic aloe vera with its moisturising* and softening virtues as well as musk rose oil, which fights the signs of aging and eliminates blemishes.



Instant Radiance Scrub

  • Apply to dry skin over the whole face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes.

    Scrub lightly using wide, circular movements, in particular around the mouth, the wings of the nose, the forehead, and the chin.

    Rinse with plenty of water.

    Balanced to sensitive skin: use the INSTANT RADIANCE SCRUB twice a week.

    Oil to very oily skin: use the INSTANT RADIANCE SCRUB once a week.