The hydro-tonic body milk estime & sens contains 2 vegetable oil and an asset the efficiency has been proved : a visible improvement of the aspect of the skin of first month of use.

1 active principle : the extract of seaweed alaria esculenta it is a brown alga living in moderate or cold waters in 10 or 15m depth. rich in fatty acid saturated and unsaturated, this seaweed is edible.

The tests have shown the efficiency of the seaweed alaria esculenta :

- protection against the free radicals
- restructuring of the fi bers of support: +20% to 28% according to the types of collagens
- increase of the elastic fi bers : 84 % - revitalization by the improvement of the cellular respiration: increase of 25 % of the consumption of oxygen and 30 % of the synthesis of atp
- improvement of the communication at the level of the skin, of the junction epidermic dermo and of the dermis
- hydration by the improvement of the synthesis of acid hyaluronique : 24 %

The confirmation of these results was obtained by an in vivo test showing that after 28 days of application of the extract of seaweed alaria esculenta, the skin was :

- better hydrated
- smoother
- more tonic


At the end of this test of a duration of 28 days on 20 50-year-old women (+ou-8 years), the effects of the action of the seaweed alaria esculenta extract were felt in the following way :

- 85 % of the women were satisfied by the grain and by the tonic effect of the skin

- 90 % of the women were satisfied by the firmness of the skin

- 70 % of the women were satisied by the hydration of the skin



Hydro-Tonic Body Milk

  • Apply the Hydro-Tonic Body Milk all over the body, after your shower every day concentrating on the thighs, stomach, bust and inner arms.