The GENTLE LOTION is an organic face cleaner working like moisturizing face care.

Your skin is cleaned, soothed and ready for your usual skincare products.

The GENTLE LOTION is an organic face care which is both moisturizing and soothing for dry, sensitive, dehydrated skins.

The natural active ingredients composing it have been selected for their moistening, repairing and soothing effect.

The Gentle Lotion removes the last make-up remains that may still be left after the previous use of the Gentle Cleansing Milk.

Perfectly clean, pure and soothed, the skin is ready to receive the serum or the care cream for increased effectiveness.

Gentle Lotion

  • Apply a few drops of Gentle Cleansing Milk over the whole face, emulsify it with the fingertips to dissolve the make-up, excess sebum, and pollution.

    Remove the milk with a cotton pad then apply the Gentle Lotion