Whether they be oily or very sensitive, 80% of people's skin lacks moisture.

The express moisturizing mask, with its gel texture, is a real "thirst-quencher" for your skin.

The active oxygen contained in the sea fennel extract also activates cell metabolism as well as having an immediate effect on your complexion.

To optimise the penetration of your skincare products, your skin must be perfectly moisturised*.

This express moisturizing mask increases the skin's hydration level by 31% on average after one hour of application.



Express Moisturising Mask

  • 2 methods of use:

    - Express method : 2 or 3 times a week, in the evening after removing your make-up, massage a peasized drop of the product over your whole face and neck until it is completely penetrated (do not rinse).

    Then apply your cream.

    - Relaxation method : on dry skin, preferably after using the «instant radiance scrub», apply a thick layer of the product over your whole face and neck, avoiding the area around the eyes.

    Leave for 5 min, moisten skin in order to massage lightly for 30 seconds before rinsing completely with lukewarm water.