Coralline is a small red species of algae that stimulates collagen synthesis and inhibits fat storage while you sleep, and activates its elimination during the day.

Coralline targets fat where it is the most difficult to remove: on the tummy, the hips, the thighs, the bottom, the waist, and the arms, for a re-sculpted figure.

Combined with green coffee, which has a complementary fat-burning effect; and guarana extract, with its toning virtues and green tea with its strong antioxidant properties, this multi-area 24h slimming cream will become the first complete partner for your figure



24h Slimming Cream

  • Apply this cream to affected areas with wide, circular movements or with a rolling massage  action in the morning and/or the evening, to clean, dry skin, which is exfoliated once a week.

    To boost the result, mix a few drops of body slimming booster oil with a pea-sized amount of the multi-area 24h slimming cream.

    The plant oils contained in the slimming booster oil will enhance the multi-area 24h slimming cream for an intensified result.

    For optimum results,  slimming products should ideally be used in combination with a balanced diet and regular exercise.