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Spray tans at the Beaute Shed

(Pinterest, 2022)

Why spray tan?

Spray tanning is a safe way to get your desired bronzed look without the health risks and exposure to UV rays which will damage your skin.

Regularly exposing your skin to UV radiation can increase chances of premature ageing whether this is from tanning salons or the sun. Therefore, you should always avoid excessive exposure to sun and always wear SPF daily.

Our spray tans are stress free, unlike tanning at home our therapists ensure a streak free, even tan every time. Perfect for special occasions, holidays or even a great confidence boost.

No more awkward tan lines and sunburns, we can help you find your desired look using light, medium and darker tones which can be achieved in a short 20 minutes.

How to prepare for a spray tan?

1) First time? Have a patch test up to 24-48 hours prior to your appointment, this is very important to be sure the tan formula is suitable and safe for your skin.

2) Make sure you have shaved/waxed up to 48 hours before your treatment. This is so that your pores have time to close, if not the tanning solution can clog open pores.

3) Make sure to have moisturised skin the night before your appointment, in particular the elbows, knees, and ankles.

4) Before arriving to your appointment ensure you have no product on the skin. For example, deodorant, perfumes, oils, and makeup. These products can act like a barrier and won’t allow the tan to spray onto the skin evenly.

5) Wear loose fitting, dark clothes. We don’t want you to ruin your favourite clothes. In addition, tight clothes can remove the guide colour and can leave you with patches and uneven tan.

6) On the topic of clothes, wear underwear you don’t mind getting tan solution on or we can provide disposable underwear (Not the best look, but it does the job) We can also provide a hair net to help prevent tan getting into your hair.

7) Bring Flip flops or sandals to wear on the way home

Spray Tan aftercare

1) After your spray tan, make sure to try and avoid any water getting onto the skin, this includes working out or doing anything that will make you sweat. By staying dry for as long as possible allows the tan to develop for longer.

2) Wash off in the shower after 8 hours (sometimes this is easier to leave on overnight and wash off in the morning). Make sure the water is not to hot in the shower, and try to rinse without shower gels and scrubs instead just water

3) Dry off gently using a towel, avoid rubbing skin with towel

4) Moisturise the skin, this will help prolong your tan

5) To help maintain your tan over the next few days make sure to moisturise skin daily and avoid swimming

6) We recommend gentle exfoliation when your tan begins to fade, this will help evenly remove the tan without it going patchy. This means you can still enjoy your tan when even when it’s beginning to fade.


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